• 1993
    The company was officially registered on 12th April, and on 26th September, the same year, the first production plant launched its maiden operation. And 26th September becomes the company anniversary day from this year.
  • 1997
    Became the first customer and OEM enterprise of STAMFORD in China.
  • 2000
    In November, its own production base in Shenzhen was officially opened and became the first private generator enterprise who is capable to have its own factory as well as was approved to operate and manufacture under ISO9001.
  • 2003
    In August , it successfully acquired the trademark registration “SWT” (“赛瓦特”in Chinese)
  • 2006
    Shandong Superwatt was formally established and initiated its business in the same year. In June, base on our advanced technology and remarkable manufacture capacities, we won the bid for an UN project valued at USD 30,000,000.
  • 2007
    Was Authorized “OEM” by Perkins in 2007
  • 2008
    Superwatt was awarded the “TOP 100 private enterprises” and famous Trademark” by Guangdong Government, and the Shandong self-built plant officially initiates its operation.
  • 2009
    Invent the first LED lighting tower in the world and it help Superwatt won the award “Competitive Enterprise in Science and Technology Research”
  • 2014
    All production work transferred to Shandong, thus, Shandong Superwatt has become the only one manufacture base of SWT group in China.
  • 2015
    In April 29th, Shandong Superwatt finished the “Additional register capital signing ceremony”.
  • 2016
    Shandong Superwatt becomes the headquarters of Superwatt Group
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